Thursday, November 20, 2008

ChiCho's Most Excellent Work

Rebuilt pond

ChiCho's work turned out very good, I am very pleased.

My most dependable pond builder gave this small job off to someone else, and I wasn't exactly happy with that idea. You see, Ed had built the pond and it was his design ideas together with mine that put the thing together to begin with. The barrel idea was mine, and Ed figured out how to work it in to the design. I thought the barrel should be on dry land, pouring its contents out onto the pond shell somewhere, but Ed thought it would work better in the water. While it was asthetically pleasing, practically it was an idea that wouldn't actually hold up to the elements.

So, the barrel shifted, started to split, failed to support the liner full of water (what would a 20 gallon tank hold, about 150 pounds of water?). Since it was plumbed into the water filtration system, we couldn't just remove it.

So Ed instructed ChiCho what to do, and then left. I had to go to work, so was fearful of what I would see when I came home. Needless to say, I was very pleasantly surprised.

You can tell the new rocks from the old rocks because they are clean. I'm thrilled about how this turned out.

One note of caution that this might not be done. About 2 hours after ChiCho left, I looked out and the water was NOT FLOWING. Something had tripped the GFI and the electricity was off to the pump. Since I'm on my third pump under warranty, I'm hoping that was a momentary issue that won't come back to haunt me. Don't know how many more free pumps they will give me.

Looks good, doesn't it? It will look much better next spring with flowers growing all around it.

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