Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Life of a Sloth

When we hear the word "sloth", it either takes us back to our Catholic school upbringing as the name of one of the 7 deadly sins, or it takes us back to biology 101 to remember a very elusive member of the rainforest community.

You get the idea about the deadly sin, I needn't go on about that. But the anatomy of the animal that lives in the rainforest may not be that familiar to you. It is one of an arboreal animal that moves so slowly through the rainforest canopy that it actually grows moss and mold on its fur. So it is a grey tinged-with-green animal that blends in well with the leaves on the trees, making it very difficult to spot as it moves so slowly around its habitat. Word has it that its digestion cycle is also sloth-like, or is that TMI?

I guess my day today could be couched in either definition. After a wild couple of weeks, when every day was filled with frantic running around or activity, today was the let down day. It was cold and rainy outside, the weatherman kept saying there were snow flakes flying, but I never saw any. The doorbell rang around noon with an order from Amazon, three new books came that needed to be looked at.

I had originally thought this day would be dedicated to sewing something for ME! I even made a trip to the fabric store to pick up a pattern (or 10--$1.99 each, limit 10!). But the enthusiasm waned as I tried to warm up after my trip into the chilly elements.

So the book enticed me, the soft bed embraced me, sleep overtook me (many cat naps next to my feline partner who was sharing the same space). I am on p. 71 of a text book on improving reading comprehension, so I was awake for part of the afternoon at least!

And I don't feel like I've committed a deadly sin, just a restful day gearing up for the crazy life that usually surrounds me! And, boy, did it feel great! Maybe that sloth has the right idea!


MonkeyGirl said...

Maybe the reason everyone else was so slothy yesterday was because I was busy all day. Sorry but I hope you all go some well deserved rest!

NV said...

You're right! This very much did resemble my post. I think it was the cooooooold that did everyone in.