Sunday, November 23, 2008

Turkeys on the run

Watch out, Turkey Day is coming!

OK, these turkeys won't be on my dinner table this year. In fact, they were running wild and free and trying to snag a meal from my bird feeder. They were walking past my patio one day with a bunch of buds, this picture was taken from my patio when I lived in the country.

This year, our family Turkey day will have a different venue. You remember TC from August posts, he's my brother. And the brave guy, he volunteered to host the Turkey Day celebration this year. This means, as host, he gets to cook the turkey.

Well, TC/Uncle R is a bachelor, and I'm sure cooking big family meals isn't something he does on a daily basis. But he jumped right in, said he thought he could do it and gave us all the jobs of filling in the table around the centerpiece, his turkey masterpiece! So except for the turkey, the meal will be "on the run" from our houses to his!

Yesterday, he polled the women in the family, issuing personal invitations to his home and soliciting some advice about the turkey. What size, how do I defrost it, when do I defrost it, how shall I cook it? Good questions, and they are all questions that we women all grappled with when we did our first or second turkey. TC has done this before, but he admitted it had been some time since his last turkey roast. So with all that great advice, how can he go wrong?

So, on Turkey Day, I will arrive, along with my daughters and families in tow, with bundles of casserole dishes in my arms, contributing my part to the Thanksgiving repast. And we'll be celebrating in a historical sort of way by reason of where we are gathering. The best thing about the whole day is that we'll all be together, eating a nice meal together, and the turkey and the fixings are secondary to family celebrating as one in the home that once was the family home. TC/Uncle R moved into our mother's home when she passed away, so going there is like going home. The day will certainly bring memories of dad sitting at the one end, and mom at the other. TC/Uncle R will probably sit in dad's spot, and I in mom's chair.

Life goes on.....

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