Monday, November 30, 2009

Trilogy completed

The Elf is finished!

Refer to my post on Nov. 22, "The Cowgirl, The Elf and the Curmudgeon"

The trilogy is now completed. I finished the cowgirl outfit on a Friday, Nov. 20, she needed it Saturday, Nov. 21. I finished the curmudgeon's cape 1 hour before it was needed for the photoshoot on Sunday, Nov. 22. The Elf costume is needed on Dec. 3--hooray, it is finished 3 days early!

She needs her elf costume because she will be the deliverer of lots of Christmas goodies to those who are less fortunate, and those folks would probably receive no gifts if it weren't for her and her fellow workers. Check our This D*mn House blogspot for details! She's the Head Elf, and we know she will represent her company very well!

I think she is doing a "show and tell" Thursday to the corporate folks to preview things to come. That is why she needed it early.

I wish her and the others lots of luck in their Christmas presentations, what ever they may be! In theatre, we say "break a leg", so "BREAK A LEG, COWGIRL, ELF AND CURMUDGEON!"


MonkeyGirl said...

Too Cute - you have outdone yourself once again!

NV said...

You certainly have. After doing last night's dress rehearsal, I couldn't agree more. THANK YOU!