Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dress Rehearsal Night

Tonight is dress rehearsal night for "On Borrowed Time". I officially finished sewing my last costume at 6:45 this morning! (Last minute changes brought about decisions made during a by full costume, full make-up and hair rehearsal last night.) Hope the changes go well. The sets are beautiful, the props are very interesting, and hopefully the costumes all fit people!

Last night, I left rehearsal at 8:30 in time to make one more trip to the fabric store for patterns and fabric to make this last costume change. Luckily, the fates were on my side, and I was able to find what I needed in 20 minutes before the store closed. Darn, patterns are going on sale today, so I had to pay $12 for a pattern that would be $1 in 3 hours. But I did not have time to wait. I went home and in a frenzy of activity made a retro style apron, and started on a retro style dress. Got up early this morning to finish the dress. I didn't get much sleep in between those two sessions, so that made for a VERY SLEEPY DAY for me!

This afternoon, I took a nice long nap! After my frenzy of activity last night and early this morning, I needed it. Tomorrow, I hope to be able to sleep in, knowing that NO MORE COSTUMES need to be provided for this play, and we can all say, "Break a leg" and let the show go on!

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