Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Tale of Two C......

No, it's not the famous story written by Mr. Dickens. We'll let that story go until another time.

This is a tale of two COATS that ended up in my closet. Two pretty red coats, one absolutely brand spanking new. It is also the tale of a brain that sometimes forgets, which seems to happen more lately as my brain cells age like fine wine! I guess some of them die off waiting to be used, and they take the information stored in them as they leave the building!

When I get ready to go out, I find myself needing (wanting..need vs. want is always a debatable topic!) coats of many colors. I am a color person, and red is one of those colors that I find myself wearing a lot. When I see a red blouse, sweater or jacket, something happens in my brain....I've got to have it, I've got to have it! There is no holding back--the evidence is in the "red section" of my closet. Red is only outdone by black, which everybody relies on for basic wardrobe pieces. Brown is also creeping in, perfect for fall wardrobing.

I was looking for a brown winter coat. So, nothing would do but to find a brown coat to wear on the brown days. Good old K-Mart had a wonderful sale several weeks ago on all of their winter wear. 40% off of some very reasonable outerwear--and the selection and quality were very good. They had brown coats, black coats, checked coats, white coats, and RED COATS!

Once I found the brown coat that would work, my eye kept drifting to those red coats hanging on the next rack. I've always wanted a red wool coat. It would look so sharp with my many red and black outfits. The price was definitely right, so I splurged, and bought two coats. The angel on one shoulder saying "you don't need two!" was outshouted by the devil on the other shoulder saying, "You'll look fine in my favorite color!"

I got home and was "accessorizing" my new purchases. I remembered that my dear friend who knits had made me a red and black scarf last season. I looked for the scarf in several places, but couldn't find it. Brain cells that held the information on its location must have died off during the summer! In the meantime, I've worn both of my new purchases, keeping me warm on cool windy mornings we've had during the past few weeks.

I was puttering around in my downstairs closet this week, and something caught my eye. I found my red and black scarf, and guess where I found it...wrapped around the beautiful red wool coat I had purchased LAST WINTER on one of my red devil days! Completely forgotten, but there it was! Shamefaced, now I had TWO NEW RED COATS!

My darling daughter, MonkeyGirl, has helped me out of my dilema. She and her BFF came over yesterday to pick up the elf suit. I told her of my stupidity, and she agreed to help me out in my dotage, and she bought the new red coat from me. Seems that a red coat would suit her well also. So now, I'm down to just one.

P.S. BFF Main Elf girl was also helpful in this venture. She is gathering gently used coats for her charity for Christmas. I really did have THREE red coats at one time (like yesterday afternoon!) One was a beautiful red and black one, many sizes too small to be buttoned on me. It was purchased at a garage sale many years ago for $10. Who could pass up a bargain like that? But since I haven't been able to button it for several years, I gave it to Elf Girl to give to some nice lady who has no coats. Following the words of the bible, if you have two coats, give one to another. Or in my case, if you have THREE RED COATS, sell one, give one to another, and then you are down to a reasonable amount, ONE RED COAT!


NV said...

As if the costume wasn’t support enough … thank you for the very generous donation. I know I will be able to find good homes for these coats!

The Elf

MonkeyGirl said...

based on my wardrobe choices today a brown or black coat would have made for a totally coordinated ensemble, but I couldn't resist wearing my new red coat! It was toasty warm and made me feel happy. I'm glad I could help you with your redcoat dilemma!