Saturday, November 14, 2009

Another Opening, Another Show

That's a familiar opening to a famous show. My blog has been neglected for 10 days because of two openings to two shows that I've been working on. Two tech weeks in a row make for a very busy schedule! So here's an update!

"On Borrowed Time"(Hawthorne Players) openend Nov. 6. It is being shown at the James J. Eagan Theatre at the Florissant, Civic Center. Shows this weekend are Friday and Saturday at 8, and Sunday at 2. Opening night saw a very enthusiastic crowd, small but enthusiastic enjoying the show. Characters were "on" for the night, and the show went on without a hitch. Grandpa and Grandma were great, the kids were awesome (lots of lines to deliver for young actors). Mr. Brink was very mysterious, but entertaining in his own quiet way. The other supporting characters did a great job of helping to tell the story. Larry Marsh directed and designed and constructed the set. Fabulous job in both areas! And it was very entertaining!

Last night, Nov. 13, the show "Doubt: A Parable" opened at Clayton Community Theatre, at Washington University South Campus Theatre. They knocked one out of the park, so to speak. Sr. Aloysius had many friends in the audience, and they reveled in her characterization of the crusty old school nun getting in the face of the young fresh-faced arrogant priest! Mrs. Muller riveted everyone to their seats, as she fought her way through her "visit to the principal" meeting. She caused everyone in the audience to get so quiet you could hear a pin drop as her emotion went from controlled "nice" to letting it all hang out in anger over the plight of blacks in the early '60's--"That's just the way it is, Sister!" Sr. James showed a wide range of emotion within the confines of her black nun habit--from exhuberant "joy of teaching" to fear to embarrasment to anger to sadness over the loss of her innocent way of looking at life. Great Job!

They actors and actresses all looked great! Of course, I'm biased! From the stylish 30's chick Aunt Demetria (aka Pismire!) dressed in her authentic '30's design suits, thanks to the patterns my friend gave me, to Father Flynn in his pretty authentic looking chasubles, I'm pleased with the results of the costuming.

I'll get a CD from the professional photographers who took pictures of both of these shows, and post some of the best shots from each show. I'm very proud of these productions from my own point of view, and I think the audiences were highly entertained by the productions.

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