Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

OMG! Precious! The M & M's on Halloween!

Batman and Batgirl had a lot of fun trick-or-treating last night! Their last stop of the night was to Aunt Monkeygirl's house, where Grandma Sew What was also visiting! This is how the little Bat pair looked!

Little girl M had three options for costumes. Two were Grandma's creations. She had Tinker Bell wings from last year, that was option #1. Then Grandma made a "Glinda of Oz" beautiful long sparkly dress for Option #2. But when she saw her brother's Batman costume, and saw that there was a pink /purple sparkly Bat Girl option, she wanted that also. So Grandma happily obliged and made Option #3.

This is a little girl who, true to womanly whims, changes her mind OFTEN! Sometimes it cycles on a 30 second basis! When the Tinker Bell option was mentioned by her, Grandma cringed! NO, I MADE YOU TWO OUTFITS--AND YOU WANT TO WEAR LAST YEAR'S COSTUME? Luckily for my blood pressure, she cycled through BatGirl and got dressed at the same time!

They look absolutely precious. They are so photogenic, love to pose to get their pictures taken. So many kids run from the camera, but not these two! And they did get their pumpkins full of candy, and a liberal chocolate fest followed the trick-or-treating, once we retired to the house to warm up!

Oh, Aunt Monkeygirl was precious also. She was a ???, (I forgot what she called herself), resplendent in blue neon hair tied up in pixie pony-tails, butterfly wings and black knee high boots. Why didn't I get her picture? Sorry, Monkeygirl, you were so cute! Mommy was a bad girl for not taking your picture.

P.S. The dog wanted to eat the butterfly wings, he kept lunging toward them all night. The zap collar kept him under control, and nothing was lost to his waiting jaws, not even the chocolate bars the M & M's waved past his face as they were feasting.

P.P.S Our 4th annual Halloween party on the court was non-existent this year. For the past 3 years, we've gathered on someone's driveway, brought food and drink, had a fire in a firepit, and waited for the kiddees to make a one stop download of candy to their bags. Last year, we only had 8 kids come to visit, besides our own. So this year, everybody exited the court, and only 4 out of 15 houses were giving out candy. There is a street in our neighborhood that has FULL participation, about 600 kids per year! Every house participates, more than one make a haunted house tour, and the cars were lined up for blocks looking for a place to park so the kiddees could participate in the fun. I drove past it last night on my way to Monkeygirl's house, and it was really jiving! That must be where they all headed, because our street was extremely dead. We maybe had 15, including our own families.

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NV said...

We had 2 -- count 'em TWO -- trick-or-treaters. And while both were pretty cute, they couldn't compare to the likes of these two. (of course, full disclosure here, I AM prejudiced by having known these two since birth!)