Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Cowgirl, Elf and the Curmudgeon

There is no rest for the wicked. I guess that puts me in the "wicked" category!

This weekend has been an ongoing costuming session, fulfilling commitments I made to folks I love to make special things for them for Christmas occasions.

A precious little girl needed a "western theme" costume for her school's Christmas program, a cute little broomstick skirt and matching vest would be just the thing. It will also be one of her costumes for "A Christmas Carol"....

A dear wonderful BFF of my daughter's, great blogger, scrapbooker, DIYer, and wonderful philanthropist, is playing "Santa's Elf" to deliver Christmas baskets that she and her co-workers are collecting for needy families...Of course, she needs to be well dressed to play her role in spreading Christmas joy....

And the curmudgeon, a.k.a. Ebeneezer Scrooge, needs to show his grumpy face for a photo shoot for publicity shots for "A Christmas Carol"..oh, I almost forgot, so does his little benefactor, Tiny Tim!

BUT, HERE'S THE CATCH...this was the weekend they ALL needed their costumes! So, that has been what I've been doing for the past two days.

Got the little cowgirl all fixed up on Friday. Got the elf started and basted and tried on during the day yesterday,because she doesn't really need it until next week. Then I created Tiny Tim's outfit and Scrooge's duds by picking through stuff I own, going to the thrift store for a grungy shirt for TT, and making an overcoat/cape for Scrooge. I have a wonderful Scrooge hat I found at the antique mall, a gently used "made in Paris" top hat, very vintage. I thought of a way that they could take the publicity shots using no people, just hats, canes and crutches, then I wouldn't have to dress anyone! Too bad I don't have all four elements, or I'd do it myself! Similar to the photo in this blog!

So today, no sewing, except for a snap or button on the overcoat. On the agenda today is "Doubt", which closes today, we do strike, then on to Christmas Carol rehearsal and photo shoot.

When Monday morning rolls around, I guess I will have earned my day off in the office grading papers, because this weekend was anything but a restful couple of days off!

P.S., If the photo shoot were tomorrow, I would have Scrooge's rental costumes, they will be ready tomorrow. Then I wouldn't have had to fool with him at all! Ah, deadlines, they mess up everyone's life!

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