Saturday, November 28, 2009

A very special visitor

Here is our special Thanksgiving day visitor, Miss Jaden Isabella--my great granddaughter--this picture was taken when she was about 5 hours old, Sept. 17, 2009
She was stingy with the smiles until we turned off the camera, then we got the full blown smiles
Grandma Monkeygirl got the privilege of holding her, they must have coordinated their outfits, Jaden wore pink to match Grandma's pink socks
Little girl M and Jaden--maybe a future babysitter is created! Little Girl M came over to Monkeygirl and said, "I like your baby!" How cute is that!

She is precious, so cute in pink, and she was so good while visiting, until she got very tired and a little bit crabby. By the time she was dressed in her hat and sweater to go home, and in her car seat, she was already fast asleep. Come back soon, Jaden, we love to see you!

I got to give her mom and dad the quilt I made for her, they loved it with the duckies on it. (See "Soft Blankie" post, Sept. 27, 2009 for pictures of the quilt.) Hope they use it a lot for her. Mom looks good, she looks very confident as a young mom, and is doing a great job with her!

Jaden is my step-grandson's child, Skaterboy. They are very young parents, but they'll make it with a lot of help!

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NV said...

Awww... She has gotten so big. What a little cutie!