Friday, July 31, 2009

Joseph Pictures

All pictures on this page are copyrighted by Gerry Love 2009. Thanks Gerry for doing such a great job of photography!
This is a sample of the girls Canaan costumes--tie dyed skirts, peasant blouses. Each skirt is made of 4 yards of muslin, then dyed. Each skirt is different, using the same colors but different blending of colors. We had a ball tie dyeing these skirts and the men's shirts.
Egyptian women--polyester interlock stretch fabric, accessorized with gold sequin trim and gold braid at shoulders. They have to change quickly, so no zippers! You can see several of the young children in the background, wearing eyelet dresses. One boy child is in white shorts and a tee shirt, with a colored belt around his waist. Each child has a different rainbow colored ribbon or belt.
Joseph in his "tear apart" coat. Put together with about 50 snaps and 5 yards of velcro. The sleeves tore off too quickly several times, now they are reinforced, and it takes special techniques to tear them off, but at least they stay put while he is wearing this coat!

This is the finale coat. He wears it all of 30 seconds before the lights go out! Darn! Lots of work went into this one, more than the first one. I think the bottom and the top don't go together, some day I will change it, but not before tonight! My design team agrees with me, but there isn't time to change it now.

As Joseph sings, "I'm a walking work of art..." They all are, and I am pleased with the results.


NV said...

Wow! Awesome! Definitely a wear sunglasses cast. :-)

sewwhat? said...

Yes, I do costume with color, that is one thing you can say about me!