Thursday, July 9, 2009

The countdown continues.....

The men's costume rack this morning--3 tunics, shirts, 1 pair of pants
The men's costume rack this evening--three tunics, shirts and 10 pair of pants

This is what was done today by Miss Em and I.

Cut 10 pair of MC Hammer pants
Sewed 9 pair of MC Hammer pants--we ran out of steam about 4. I started at 7;45 and she started at 10, so we put in a good day's work.
Sorted the men's costume shirts to coordinate the colors with the pants.
Sorted the lady's skirts and assigned them to specific women
Went to the fabric store for more elastic.

I knew the pants would not be hard to make. The organization of colors and fabrics to use was harder than actually sewing them. Once I got that worked out, I could more or less go on autopilot to do the work. It was a good thing about 4 that I could work without thinking, because my brain was fried by that time! Body also!

Miss Em, who is a good seamstress, was surprised that she completed one of her pairs in 10 minutes. I told her it would be easy. I've made tons of boxer shorts, and these are just longer boxer shorts. We have not completed the hems or inserted the elastic. That will be for others to do later. We've had offers of help from many who say, "I can't really sew that well on a machine, but I can sew on a button" Those are the people who will be getting a workout soon. We've done the machine sewing and they will have to help us with elastic, snaps, trims, etc.

Tomorrow we are going to work on the tunics to go with the pants and shirts. These will be more colorful, and will be different from each other. I dug out some mock sheepskin fleece, and perhaps we will trim some of the tunics with that. Not much, though, it is summer after all! One of the lines that Joseph sings is "no more sheepskin for me anymore!" after he puts on his coat of many colors. And my friend from down in the country is coming up, she will be working on the little girl's dresses, to finish them. The bodices are done, the skirts need to be attached and zippers inserted.

Count so far:

10 broomstick skirts, sewn, dyed, and hemmed. Still need waistband elastic put in
10 matching peasant blouses. Need to try them on, adjust and finish sleeve hems.
10 Egyptian womens dresses made, 5 need elastic at waist, all need gold trim
10 men's pants, need hemming and elastic at waist
3 tunics made and trimmed
1 long undertunic made, needs hemming
6 Egyptian neck collars made, bejeweled, 5 need edge trim
2 coat bodies made, one fancy and one plain, need lining and finishing
1 plain coat skirt made, needs snaps
Total 53 costume pieces done (more or less)

Yet to do:
1 pair of MC Hammer pants sewn
5 little girls white dresses
17 men's loin cloths
6 vests to match loin cloths
5 tunics, 2 Egyptian and 3 Canaan
1 Canaan overcoat
Mrs. Potiphar's outfit
Potiphar's jacket
Elvis cape
Headgear and sashes ???? Unknown quantity
1 fancy coat skirt made and attached to fancy coat body
2 sleeves to be used for both coats.

41, plus unknown quantity of headgear and sashes

We do have a way to go, don't we? We do have a few weeks to go, thank heaven! Will we make it? Sure! When? Who knows? By the third weekend? Absolutely (P.S., there is no third weekend!

Why don't you come to see the play? You'll really be entertained!

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, July 31, Aug 1, 7, 8, at 8:00 p.m. Aug. 9 at 2:00 p.m. Florissant Civic Center Theater, Parker Road and Waterford Drive. Florissant, MO. 63033 Box office 314-921-5678. Produced by Hawthorne Players.

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