Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My, How Time Flies when you're having fun

Yes, the costuming project is coming along. During the past 5 days, my crew and I have finished many things. Here's a list:

15 tunics
5 robes to go over the tunics
2 Egyptian tunics
5 little girls' white dresses
One loincloth, vest and tidy-whitey underpinnings for Joseph

Plus I made a tied blanket and a dress for my Granddaughter's 4th birthday.

That's quite an output for three ladies.

This week is going to be very short on extra time for me. I have company coming on Thursday, then I might have to babysit all evening. I can't sew when babysitting because the grandma calls for action come every 15 seconds.

I tried on the women's broomstick skirts and tops. All the tops need major altering. The skirts just need the elastic waist put in to them. The tops--major repair!

I had an offer from my main side kick to let her line the coat of many colors. I just couldn't say yes to that, those coats are my babies! Sorry! Another potential helper came to get some Egyptian dresses to add trim! Another potential helper thought her social life would interfere with working in the mornings this week--my only time to work, so she isn't available. My company is coming Friday, so I'm giving up that day of work. Another helper is going to KC this week to a wedding. And our deadline to finish is July 26 (Sunday before the show starts) because that is the only day the photographer can come.

Fine, who knows what the costumes will look like or I will look like on July 26th. But they will all have something to wear, it may be pinned together, but they will be dressed.

Oh, and my Evolve is fixed. If only I had time to go down to the store to pick it up!

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