Thursday, July 9, 2009

Daring to count

When people ask me about my progress in costuming Joseph, they often ask how many costumes I had to make. Up until this time, I've refrained from counting. The number would be so large as to be scary. My finger does inch toward the "PANIC BUTTON" at times, but right now I am remaining cool.

Today I start on the men's costumes. I've finished the women's costumes, except for some hand sewing, which many people have promised me they would help with. The men's costumes are more numerous than the women's costumes, but they are much simpler. Instead of gathering and sewing 16 45" strips of muslin together to make a broomstick skirt, or a blouse with a collar and puff sleeves, the men's costumes are a loin cloth (wrap skirt) and MC Hammer pants (sewn like a pair of boxers, which take me 10 minutes each to sew, tunics (two shoulder seams, two side seams, and maybe a straight rectangle for sleeves. So, while they are more numerous than the women's costumes, they are much simpler. That is why I'm not pushing the panic button, YET!

So, I dared to make a count the other day. My estimate as to how many costumes I will be making is about 100. There is very little that is ready made that I can use for this show, not too many thrift stores carry Old Testament garb. My narrator has saved me by finding a lovely purple dress to wear, and I am going to use a couple of suit coats for three characters. I have one costume from a previous play, which I had to alter to fit the actress. But all in all, the number of costume pieces we are making is about 100. Pretty awesome number for a play that was supposed to be simple! Now that count doesn't include headwear and belts and scarves, I haven't even given that a thought. My highest count so far for plays was Music Man, in which I constructed 120 costume pieces. This one will probably outnumber that by the time we are finished.

Here's what is finished so far.

Men's tunics, pants and shirts--only three completed out of 17 sets, all shirts are tie dyed
Egyptian collars--there are 6 of these--all finished except for edge trim
10 White Egyptian ladies dresses all finished, 5 need elastic pulled, all need hem adjustment
10 Women's skirts and blouses, skirts need elastic waists and some blouses need sleeve finishing

I'm down to a couple more weeks of work, I'm sure it will become a round the clock marathon. This is my last weekend to really work non-stop, so I hope I get a lot done this week.

Wish me luck!


NV said...

Holy Psychedelic Tie-Dyed Tunics, Batman!

It's a good thing I'm not in charge of costuming -- unless the play was about a nudist colony!

sewwhat? said...

Yes, but look what you can do with wood and paint! Not to mention bricks and lattice and ceiling panels, and flooring and backerboard, and tile......the list goes on and on! I'm in awe of that kind of talent! We all have our little gifts, and we use whatever "floats our boat!"