Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The deadline looms near!

The deadline for finishing the costumes is Sunday night. That means I have 4 days to go to finish everything. My daughters have helped me the past three nights, we have gotten all the women's stuff done, and have put elastic in the men's pants. Tonight I cut out loincloths--12 of them! I am running out of white fabric, and there is no more white in the fabric store. So, I'm digging in boxes, scrap heaps and desperately scrounging for anything that can serve as a lining for some loincloths.

I have my sidekick Miss Em coming tomorrow and Friday. I am ready for her with all the products cut out and the beginnings of sewing completed. All loincloths and vest are in little packets, waiting to be sewn.

I can only work for half a day tomorrow, because I have to travel to another college campus at 2 to pick up some papers. Then I twiddle my thumbs for a couple of hours waiting for my night gig, a trip to the Muny Opera to see "The Music Man". One of our fellow retirees from the school I first taught in is in this production, and he promises a tour of backstage after the show. That ought to be fun, especially the costume department!

Then Friday, Miss Em, my friend from Steelville and I will make a race to the finish line. Who knows, with all this help, I may just have enough time to finish the coat of many colors. I'll blog about that later, it isn't a good story.

Wish me luck!

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