Friday, July 31, 2009

The End is Near--NO! IT'S HERE!

This is the day I've been looking forward to for several months. It is the day when my sewing tasks are down to a very bare minimum, perhaps I'll have to spend 3 minutes doing it--shortening a belt for a man who is a "guard".

I've kept my focus on this day for months. I've been quite cheerful with doing this costuming job, knowing that things would get finished, knowing that I could do it, not weighing myself down with self-doubt, which in the past has sapped my strength to get the job done. I don't remember being miserable in the sewing room on this project. Maybe a little bit tired, maybe a little bit adrenalinized (is that even a word?) But, I knew it would be over and done soon, and I'd be looking forward to the next show!

Today, it is 10:45 and I haven't done a thing yet, except chat with my friends on the computer, sleep, loll around, surf the internet, and write my blog. What a glorious feeling! Oh, I have things I could be doing, like a big pile of laundry, stack of papers to be graded, cleaning the sewing room, and the rest of the house, which is in complete disarray! But today, I'm just chilling!

Feels good, it won't last for long. A big long sleepy nap is on order for this afternoon, lolling around with Big Al laying on my chest! Hooray, I'm officially saying, THE END IS HERE!

P.S. Last night's dress rehearsal was great, high energy, we even had a crowd to see it for free, and that energized the actors and actresses. Hope tonight's opening is just as good!

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