Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mow No Mo'!

It has always been a hated job, mowing with the push mower. When I had a huge lawn and could use the riding mower, I loved doing it. But not pushing a mower. There's something about the way those handles hit my body, I just struggle to do it. My back twangs and throbs all night long after I mow. It makes me feel like I'm going to my grave immediately when it gets hot in the summer, I just can't stand doing it.

So, now I will mow no mo'!

Last week, when I was trying to struggle through the dense growth brought on by some highly expensive fertilizer and lots of rain, the neighbor's lawn service guy was also working on their lawn. He did their lawn last summer, and it always looked nice, and he was reliable to get to it on a very regular basis. He and I happened to be heading through the passageway between the houses at the same time, mowers off, and I asked him if he wanted another customer. He said he'd think about it and later when he was done with their job, he came to my house, gave me a bid, and now, I MOW NO MO'!

Tonight he was back, battling very thick grass on both lots, but he got them both done in 2 hours, trimmed, blown, bagged, the whole nine yards. And I just loved watching someone else do the job I've hated for so many years, and do it well, and it only hurt a little bit when I emptied my wallet into his hands.



NV said...

Wow. Congratulations! It's one of my most hated tasks, so I'm just a tiny bit pink with jealousy.

Maybe someday when I don't need project money, I'll splurge on a lawn service!

sewwhat? said...

Or when you get old like me.