Saturday, May 2, 2009

To See or not to See, that is the question....

It is nice to have vision insurance. Back in the good ol' days (corporate sponsorship of employee health insurance), vision insurance did a good job of helping me see. Now, it is up to me to come up with the funds for these necessities.

I went to my favorite eye doctor yesterday. I had one pair of glasses that broke, one pair that needed repair, and the nagging feeling that something had changed about my eyes that made neither of these pairs of glasses helping me to see as well as I need to.

So yes, the eye exam proved that my eyes are "getting better" as he said. What that means is that an aging myopic person is also suffering from presbyopia, and my extreme nearsightedness is changing to far sightedness, so my vision is corrected by less strong prescriptions. I still need trifocals.

I decided that meant that instead of trying to fit new lenses into already battered frames, I'd start from scratch and get new glasses. What a delightful choice to be made!

The trend now-a-days is to get a frame that has a wide ear piece. I guess I've gotten used to that look on people, and decided to try it out myself. What fun I had! I chose two very darling frames, one for sunglasses and one for clear lenses. Priceless! Actually, I was willing to pay for these frames as a fashion accessory, one that I'd be wearing on a daily basis.

But the lenses? Ouch! Ultra thin, trifocals, with UV coating, ect, ect, ect. One set of lenses was $500! I had to sit down when she gave me the grand total of the day's choices, we will be definitely needing to go to the bank to cover this expense. Ah, for vision insurance to help out, but I have none.

The priorities seem clear to me though. People don't realize that their eyesight is so vital to everyday work, transportation ect. I've had low vision in my left eye since I was a child, so this one eye is keeping me going in life. So for now, I'll eat hot dogs for a couple of months to keep this eye functioning, and enjoy the fashion forward face those new glasses are going on. Guess I'll be able to see the wrinkles and bumps more clearly now--what's next? A trip to the plastic surgeon for a face-lift? Well, maybe!

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