Monday, April 27, 2009

What's your "Social Network"?

I used to think I was really hot stuff to be blogging. A woman on Medicare, being on a social network with the cool kids...who'd've thunk it? Then I heard all the senior citizens are doing it, and the younger crowd now "Twitter"s or is on "FaceBook" or "My Space" or whatever. I can't keep up with them all.

I definitely haven't kept up with the trends, because blogging is as far as I've gone into the social networking sphere. I'm having enough trouble keeping up with blogging, and who knows who would like to know that I just blew my nose, or ate a donut and Twittered--something the Twitters of the world all are in on. Besides, I would just not like to realize that absolutely no one in the world would be interested in what I've twitted, so justforgetaboutit, I'm not doing it.

The blog has really helped me stay in touch with people who know about my blog, but sometimes I don't know about the fact that they are reading it. One long lost cousin is reading my blog, a shocking fact that I only found out about when she started to email me. The connection is convoluted--her daughter went to school with MonkeyGirl--so I'm guessing that the daughter told mom, and mom started reading the blogs from another branch on the family tree. Very nice connection.

MonekyGirl has a very busy life, and often, I don't get to chat face-to-face with her for a while, so blogging is our way to stay connected. She blames me for being busy all the time--OK, mea culpa, I do keep busy to keep my mind off of being lonely. So, she can keep up with my life and travails through the blog, and I can do the same with her. Too bad we live 2 miles from each other, and have to read each other's blogs to keep up on what is happening in each of our lives.

MonkeyGirl inspired me to blog, she writes in such a fun, witty way about things that could really get a girl down. She had those SSNDs teach her how to write also, with a very gifted middle school teacher who taught her in 6-8th grade. She has a way with words, and in her work, she uses this skill to do her job (don't ask me to explain what her job is, I'll never fully get it!) She is like her father, he worked in defense, with a high securty clearance. If we understood what he did......well, that would be cause for the FBI to step in!

So, MonkeyGirl, keep on writing, mommy SewWhat loves to read what you write, and don't abandon Blogspot for Twitter--OK? We are not women of just a few words, Twitter isn't for us!


MonkeyGirl said...

Awe, you are making me blush!! Thanks for the kind words and I know that I got a lot of my inspiration for writing and all my other crafty adventures from my Mother! Love you always!!!!!!!!!

NV said...

This is hilarious because it's the clash of real-life and blogging because I actually know to whom you're referring! (Especially since the daughter of said cousin told me that SHE does not read blogs. A secretary keeps up her Facebook account. She only reads Ann Landers online. So much for our generation. Whatever.)

sewwhat? said...

Did you read Sally Forth in the funny paper lately? She and her co-workers are on Twitter to be cool. Today one of them said, "How can it be cool if we middle aged ladies are doing it?" That's what I want to know!