Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The end results

These are the costumes I made for the stage show "Stepping Out" on stage April 17-18, 24, 25 and 26, 2009. Florissant Civic Center Theatre, Florissant, MO. 314-921-5678 for tickets!

American Patrol--this was their "rehearsal piece", the dance number they worked on learning throughout the entire show. Women wore royal blue lycra wrap skirts, man wore royal blue pants, all wore red/white/blue lame striped vests, with black leotards/shirts underneath, and royal blue bowlers trimmed with red/white/blue ribbons.

The Grand Finale number--one year later, they've gone "pro"! Silver grey tail coats, trimmed with black satin collars and back belts, crimson red vests (attached to the coats for the women), black slinky skirts (women), Tux pants (man) and silver lame and black top hats.

I think it all turned out rather nice myself. The challenge was to make the cast look trim and neat, because we had all sizes of dancers, from tiny to "used to be tiny". Plus they had to dance a pretty vigourous couple of dance numbers in these costumes, and the dances were back to back, with about a 2 minute change of costume window. I attached the vests to the coats for many reasons, to keep them from flapping open while they danced, and to make the change easy, put on one top garment and button it up instead of trying to wrestle with two. Both skirts were easy to slip on for the women, the man had to deal with tap shoes on and off for his change!

I'm trying to get some sleep this week, but my body is still in the adrenaline rush stage, so I've actually been able to accomplish a lot of house cleaning, with my "got to be busy every waking moment" mind set. I'll get really lazy next week!

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