Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I Guess I'm Finished!

Well, the day has finally come. Tomorrow is dress rehearsal, and Friday night we open. The play, "Stepping Out" by Richard Harris, will start Friday, April 17.

I guess I'm finished with the costumes. I've sewn the final button on, nipped the final waist, trimmed the final skirt length. Tonight, I put a "silver lining" in Vera's "Fredricks of Hollywood" costume, and 2" from the end of my sewing, my serger just stopped dead in its tracks. Nothing would move, and luckily, I could wiggle the garment out from under the needles.

So, since I can't serge any more, I guess I'm finsihed.

When I get pictures, I will post them.

Here's what I made for this play:

7 blue skirts and 1 blue pair of pants, 8 striped red, white and blue lame vests--for real, and 7 "pracitce" vests of the same fabric; 8 black slinky knit skirts for the women, and 9 cutaway tuxedo coats with tails--women's have a partial vest front, and the man's has a full separate vest. They are made from silver grey upholstery fabric with a small dot in it, black satin collars and black satin back belts, crimson red vest fronts or full vests. I made the tux coats with the fake vest front for the women because they have all of about 2 minutes to change from one outfit to the other, and they don't have time to put on more garments. Plus, they move so much that a separate tux coat would be flapping around and looking sloppy. They look very neat in these. The one guy has a cutaway coat with a separate vest.

Then I made "Vera"s Fredericks of Hollywood outfit--slinky black with red metalic thread low cut blouse and pants, and her "Silver lining" jacket, with a red knitted boa all around the front and cuffs.

I was ready to throw in the towel last Friday, when I was trying to finish the tuxedo coats. I'm not a tailor, and I have problems fitting. I figured they'd all look like bathrobes, and was ready to just say, "I can't do it". But I persisted, and the director is pleased.

Even though this isn't the highest number of things I've made for shows, it was a challenge because I am also the assistant director, and being at every practice and "on the book" for line cues kept me from having time to sew. We practiced 3 times a week for 3-6 hours, sometimes all day on Sunday. I think the show will be good, and I hope we have good audiences. It has its very funny moments, and should provide a good evening of entertainment for our audiences.

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