Thursday, April 23, 2009

One more costume to share

This costume is worn by one of the main characters in Stepping Out. She wears more costumes in this show than anyone, and each is rather distinctive!

In this scene, she comes in and changes into this outfit. She uses the line, "I just popped into Fredrick's of Hollywood and just had to have it, it was so expensive!" Then she opens to coat to reveal a rather low cut slinky outfit, made of black and red sparkle knit, bosoms ready to pop out, and says the line "It isn't too bold, is it?" while cradling her bosoms and lifting them! Then they ask the lone bumbling male for his opinion, which consists of "Well, I,'s .... You know... It's rather..." And the ladies pounce on him saying, "Well, you can't be fairer than that..." amid roars of laughter.

One of our theatre friends knits, and she made the beautiful boa for around the neck and sleeves. We didn't want feathers because they shed, so this worked out great. The style is so cute, I WANT ONE! Don't know where I'd wear it, but it did turn out cute.

The actress who plays Vera is really cute, she embraced her role and did a great job and everyone loved her antics. She was a great asset to our show, and a really teriffic tap dancer! Way to go, Vera!

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MonkeyGirl said...

You rocked it again!!! Great job!