Sunday, April 26, 2009

XXXXX, where art thou?

About these titles, one of my absolutely favorite movies is "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?" That is why you keep seeing that phrase in my posts.

I don't love it just because it stars George Clooney. He certainly is eye candy enough to make it worth staying awake through. The iconic sight gags, and the tradiitional "roots" music is worth a listen and a watch. I wrote a whole academic unit that I've used for both elementary school and college based on the music found in this movie. It is really an excellent movie, if you haven't seen it, comb through Netflix's index and see if you can find it.

When my brother and I went on our trip last summer, we found quite a nice collection of music of this genre while we were in Nashville. We visited the Country Music Hall of Fame, it was a wonderful place full of mementos giving tribute to American Roots Music.

Look into it--you'll enjoy it on many levels.

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