Monday, April 27, 2009

Oh Pajamas. where art thou?

I'm on a roll with that title, it is getting rather overdone--my apology!

When fall rolls in and the little summer pjs no longer feel good because you are COLD, COLD, COLD and need warm jammies, it's time to stash the summer pjs and get out the winter flannels. Now, it is warm, and flannel is just too darn hot, so it's time to get out the summer pjs.

Trouble is, I'm singing that song--"Oh Pajamas, where art thou? Seems as if the switch from summer to winter last year was when I was in the stashing mode, just stick them anywhere where they will fit and be out of sight! Now, that I need the summer PJs, I'm like a squirrel who can't remember where she buried the acorns, so I'm scrambling from drawer to drawer, digging through trying to find the components of summer nightwear.

So far, I found a top in one drawer, the bottoms in another. I know I stashed some in a small dresser that I emptied when my student took over the room where they were stored, if only I could remember where that stash ended up. I have a system, but the system has broken down, and I've only lived in this house for 3 years! Yikes!

There is always more than one solution to this problem, one being the nightwear department at my local discount store! That may be my next stop if the scrounging around in many drawers doesn't yield its bonanza of summer nighties--OR, OR, OR, some use just birthday suits for nightwear, but that's not my style. Not in a house with sheers on the windows, and neighbors who walk around outside in the night. Besides, the laughing that would result if someone viewed this phenomenon (me walking around my house in a birthday suit alonE) would keep me awake!

So, Summer Pajamas, where art thou?

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