Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My 6th, 7th or 8th or maybe 9th career!

I tried to count them, but really, I didn't go back much further than 30 years ago. In those 30 years, I've had 5 distinct career changes.

It would be hard to categorize my first "real" job after bearing three children as one career, because in that job, I was a part time teacher, swim coach, swim instructor, lifeguard, day camp director, latch key supervisor, all in the span of one week, and all for the same organization. That would be the YMCA, an organization that would give you as much work as you were foolish enough to sign on for. So let's just call that career #1. I went back to school during this time to get my associates degree, with the plan to move on to regular 4 year college to get my degree in elementary education.

After I graduated with my BS, I became a first grade teacher. That was my second career. It lasted 9 years, complete with lots of memories, both good and bad, lots of friends made to keep forever.

Somehow, during the end of these 9 years, I got the notion that it might be interesting to be calling the shots at a school, and I began working on getting my administrative certification. To move out of the classroom and into a somewhat supervisory position was my third career. This particular setting wasn't exactly a walk in the park, nor was it the creative outlet that classroom teaching had been. So, I began to look for greener pastures.

Then the job in Mid-Mo opened up. Our small parish down in Small Town, MO, was going to reopen their elementary school. I was an experienced teacher with some administrative experience, so I put my name forward to be principal and teacher. I passed the mirror test ("Breathe on this mirror, did you fog it up? Ok, you're breathing, you're in!") Career path #4 lasted about 7-1/2 years. Life's circumstances* interfered, and so I had to move on.

Coinciding with life's circumstances* was an idea to begin to study and become certified to teach English as a Second Language. While in the midst of my studies, I answered a call for an ESL part time instructor, back in my community college where I had gotten my associates degree 25 years before. Passed the mirror test with flying colors! I loved the work, and began Career #5.

After I lost my spouse, I was looking for things to fill my spare time after my part time ESL job each day. So I started my costuming for community theatre groups. After I had done it for a while, I thought, "Gee, wouldn't this be nice to do this for money?" Well, today, I was offered a job in the college theatre's tech department as a part time costumer! And I would get paid! I thank my dear dean of liberal arts who saw some of my costume pictures and made the connection for me with the theatre manager.

Awesome! I'm very happy about this. Of course, it will be part time, and will not take away from my ESL work. But, the extra time I can spend in costuming at this theatre will yield me a little money, and a new opportunity to dress beautiful people in beautiful clothing, and someone else will pay for the materials! Yippee! I can hardly wait to start.

*Life's circumstances--husband diagnosed with malignant brain tumor, requiring 22 months of intensive therapies, surgeries, before he lost his battle and we lost him.


MonkeyGirl said...

Now I will officially declare my mother insane and will have to issue periodic APB's for her!! Good luck - I bet it will be fun!

NV said...

Hey, that's awesome! But ... all your careers have the common education thread in them. (Pun intended) :-)