Friday, August 7, 2009

Getting Ready for the next gig

My next costuming gig is going to be the play "Doubt: A Parable". This is a very serious play about a very serious topic, priest sexual abuse and how it was handled 45 years ago.

Meryl Streep, Philip Seymore Hoffman and Amy Adams played the two main sisters and the priest in the movie of this play. My friends and I went to see it, and it sort of put me into shock. You see, I was the principal of a Catholic School, and while I didn't have that experience that Sister Aloysius had, I could very easily put myself in her shoes. She suspected something was very wrong and acted on her suspicions. And the result wasn't what she had hoped.

If you haven't seen this outstanding play or movie (scrip by John Patrick Shanley), make plans to see it. It is very dramatic and you are left with doubt when the end of the performance happens, you aren't sure about the results, showing how very cleverly crafted this story really is.

The producers of the movie went to great lengths to recreate the nun's habits correctly. These nuns did not wear a veil but wore a hat. This will be the part of the costuming gig for me that challenges me and makes me want to do this play. My dear friend, JY, is directing. She is an outstanding director, and I know the play will be good and well recieved. Hope I can rise to the occasion and make the costumes look like she wants them to look.

The play "Doubt: A Parable" was put on by DLP at St. Louis Kranzberg Theatre in the Grand Arts District. Here's a review of the play done by KDHX

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