Monday, August 31, 2009

The Last Day of August

The last day of August is always bitter sweet for me. It ends the "official" summer months, you know those three that teachers love--June, July, August. Isn't that why we all went into teaching? Many people think so.

No, now teachers are on the job come the first of August. Some school districts around here were up and going the first week of August. Kind of cuts the vacation time short, doesn't it?

There is a sweetness about August though. The flowers are lush, although sometimes the green grass is turning ugly brown. Usually it is bleeping hot here in the Midwest in August, but this year, we've been blessed with some very nice weather. "Resort like" is the term used, cool nights, warm breezes, no rain, low humidity. This is definitely NOT what August usually bring to us as far as weather.

Another sweetness is the nice clearance sales we shoppers can cash in on. There is still enough time to wear these purchases a couple of more times before the winter clothes must be brought out. Of course, our white pants have to be put away as of next Monday. So, I've tried to wear them every day this past week and will try all of this week! Then the dreary black, brown and grey can sneak into the wardorbe.

Two fine relatives were born in August. My only son, and my step grandson celebrate their birthdays in August. I found out my colleague in the sewing room from Joseph also had her birthday yesterday, so there's another August birthday of someone I know.

But tomorrow is the first day of September. And, truth be told, September is my favorite month. Not only is it the birthday of many good friends, (Nancy, Rita, Al, Joe, Elaine, I could go on and on), but it is MY BIRTHDAY MONTH also! And two of my children celebrate wedding anniversaries in September. My BFF and her hubby also celebrate their anniversary, same day as my son and daughter-in-law! So it is a full month of celebrations.

The beauty of the month of September is always something I cherish. Colorful leaves, breezes gently blowing, warm days, cool nights, a hint of the cold days to come. I revel in it all.

So, goodbye August. You've been a nice month for me one more year. I enjoyed my mini-vacation, my play, my work, and the fine weather. My flowers are growing like crazy, the tomato plants are finally showing some pink fruit. I got my fine new Toto toilets this month, and bought a Coach purse for the first time. Such fun!

See you next year, August, God willing and the cricks don't rise!


MonkeyGirl said...

You are too funny - only you would find a way to work in a comment about your new toilets! I hope they provide you with many years of flushing pleasure!

sewwhat? said...

Top rated by Consumer Reports! Need I say more? No more plungers in my life--hooray!