Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sleep Number--35

Here he is, lounging in his favorite spot, the right side of the sleep number bed, sleep number set at 35, his favorite.

Too bad this is the side of the bed that the owner prefers, also her favorite sleep number. But when that side of the bed is empty, Mr. Kitty will definitely take it over! Even when the maid comes in to make the bed, he persists until the blankets are spread over him completely, then he meows for help finding his way out.

As kitties get older, the number of hours of slumber they spend each day increases. The 24 hourly Eat-Play-Nap cycle shortens into mostly an Eat-Nap cycle, with maybe a couple of eat play cycles thrown in. Mostly, it is nap. This guy is getting on in years, at 11 now.

We can see where the favorite places are in the house for these naps, because whereever he spends a lot of time is covered with a thick coating of fine blonde fur. The green chair in the living room, the one he has claimed for his own by scratching up the side of it, bears the marks of many hours of lounging. Two dining room chairs in the hall also are preferred perches, at least for short naps. The bed in the spare bedroom is warmer, it is in a south facing room, so that is where afternoons are spent. And if there are newly laundered dark clothes folded but not put away on the Sleep Number bed, they definitely need christening with fur, so they will be marked.

While he is healthy, he is definitely showing his age. One way I can see him slowing down is his ability to jump up on to the sink. Since he was just a little furball, his preferred method of getting fresh drinking water has been to drink out of the faucet in the bathroom sink. Now, he has to think once, twice or three times before he makes the leap up. It is a ritual to request this drink every time I use the bathroom. If I ignore his request, he'll make me pay by a quick nip to the calf to remind me that he is thirsty. Or it is just his way of staying in control of every situation.

This guy is my guy, he'll seek me out when I stretch out in a comfy chair for a nap, showing his love and devotion by Kneading, something cats do as a remembrance of their infant years, it is a sign of love. How wonderful to show love by digging your claws in rhythmic beats to your loud purrs right into the flesh of your beloved, usually on the upper chest. What's not to love of a fur shedding, nipping, meowing ball of adoration who wandered into my life about 11 years ago?


NV said...

Yep, they sure are able to take over a place aren't they?

And yes, that cycle surely does slow down. Our elder cat is about 16.5 right now and while he has his bursts of energy and is still relatively spry, his naps now take up at least 19 or so hours of every day.

MonkeyGirl said...

The maid? When did you get a maid? Hehe!

sewwhat? said...

And just who do you think makes the bed? At least I try to do that every day, never mind the dust that is accumulated on everything! Clean, Schmean--it's over-rated!