Monday, October 20, 2008

Dogs will eat anything!

The M & M's have three pets, two kitties who are somewhat antisocial, and a big dog, we'll just call her MDog. MDog is a big tail that wags the dog everytime she sees a friends, and the tail elicits furious barking when a foe appears. I'm glad to be on the friend side of this arrangement, because she has bulked up to be a rather big shepherd/lab/some other big dog type of critter. The lazy life of laying around all day, and eating at will has put quite a few pounds on her frame since she was adopted.

Last night was no exception! MDog stuck her nose near my plate while I was eating, hoping for a quick taste of my dinner. I shooed her away, so she went off to contemplate her next food approach. That came after dinner, when a long-planned bonfire/marshmallow roast put some delicious some-mores in the hands of preschoolers quite in her reach to snatch and run. Chocolate makes dogs poop funny, so we tried to put a stop to that by putting the preschoolers on the playground equipment to eat while the owner tried to corral the dog and put her inside.

This was no way to stop a dog on a mission to maraud human food! While we were outside and she was inside alone, she managed to sniff out the cooling gingerbread cookies on the counter. Since this dog is long as well as wide, standing up to steal the cookies was no challenge for her, and about half of the cookie batch was wiped out in one gulp!

Then when we came in, there she was, eating the cat food!

Now her potential poop and her breath were very un-dog-like. I left before the results of her binge eating became evident. NOTE TO OWNERS: Have the Resolve ready for the carpet, and be ready to open the door to let her out a couple of times during the night! Maybe then this event will pass without damage to the house, and further insults from MDog!


MonkeyGirl said...

I bet PrincessM was upset that the dog was taking away her favorite childhood treat!

sewwhat? said...

No, she gave me the dog-licked, squished remains of her some-more, so she could have fun setting another marshmallow on fire and terrorizing us all!

How do you spell some-more? Seems to me like we used less letters in years past. S'more? Is that how we did it?