Sunday, October 26, 2008

Grandma Gets Down

Grandma Dancing

This past weekend, I went to a family resort hotel to meet with my son and wife and three boys. The main feature of this resort hotel is that it has a huge indoor waterpark attached to it, and families go there year round to play in water. It has many slides of all sizes, and water from 0 feet 0 inches, to about 4 feet deep, and many, many play areas for kids of all ages, ADULTS, ALSO! As you can see, a lot of water gets dumped out on the patrons about every 2-3 minutes, with a rush of air whooshing by you if you aren't under the downpour of water! Very exciting.

This weekend was especially fun-filled, because the resort had a lot of family activities with the Halloween theme. Kids were encouraged to bring their costumes, and they got to trick or treat by walking through a fun house of 6 rooms created by the hotel staff, all with famous movies as their theme for costuming and decorating. Nemo, Pirates of the Carribean, Harry Potter, King Kong were some of the most memorable ones. The kids were given a large goodie bag filled with Halloween goodies to take home. Then they had a story time in the lobby, followed by an actual dance in the same space!

Well, this grandma hasn't been to a dance in quite some time! Maybe my old Saturday Night Fever dance routines needed a little brushing up, but we had fun! We danced to at least 3 of the numbers! Then the littlest grandson conked out on his daddy's chest, and the others wanted to go back to the waterpark.

So grandma after "got down" in the lobby, she then "got down" on the couch to babysit the sleeping grandchild, maybe throwing out a couple of ZZZZZ's herself! I'm so willing to babysit, especially sleeping babies, he made one little sigh, but was out like a light the whole time! It was a very good night for everyone in our group!

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