Monday, October 20, 2008

Holes in the Closet

No, they aren't actual holes in the walls of the closets, just new spaces in which to hang/store/gather/save/hide things! You see, yesterday was a big clothing drive at my church. And it was recycling day at my house.

I had totally forgotten about the clothing drive, but had a start with some things stashed in the downstairs storage closet in plastic bags. Also, a box with cast-offs and shoes had been sitting on a bench in my bathroom for God knows how long, waiting to be recycled to someone who could use the stuff. So after Mass, I saw fellow parishioners hauling stuff into the hall, and I knew my next hour would be filled with busy activity to gather stuff for this drive.

In an hour, I came up with 15 heavy bags with clothing, blankets, pillows and other stuff that will never be missed, but nicely made some HOLES IN THE CLOSET! I know that my main closet is thinner, because I emptied 23 shirt hangers in that closet alone!

Now my drawers can close without shoving, my drawers in the spare bedroom are empty (well a couple of them, at least). The closet downstairs has space under the clothes to put more stuff, and some plastic storage boxes are empty! What does that mean? SHOPPING!

No, perhaps redesigning my storage plans could help the situation of stacked shoe boxes in the main closet, and those persistent luggage pieces stored overhead that keep falling on my head might find a new home.

In addition to this purge, I recycled two trunkloads of bottles, cans, papers and cardboard. New day, new start collecting junk and treasures. And today is trash day to boot!

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NV said...

I try to do this every year -- and it's nearly that time again. UGH!

My free space is barely noticeable because I have so little total space to begin with. To me, this is the most annoying features of older homes: NO CLOSET SPACE!