Monday, October 6, 2008

No Blog, No Sleep, No Time, Whew!

The blogspot has been ignored for an entire week. It wasn't the only thing that was ignored! The dirty dishes in the sink, the cat who meowed for a day for a refill to his dish, the newspapers, the pile of folded laundry at the foot of my bed, all were languishing and waiting for Sew What? to finish putting the final touches on costumes for "Move Over, Mrs. Markham".

Anyone who is involved in theatre knows that tech week is akin to Hell Week for the frat boys and sorority girls. You are run from sun up to sun down finishing up the final details to get this show on stage, looking good, no wardrobe malfunctions, all props in place, actors knowing their lines, and the microphones working correctly. One by one, we attacked these various issues, and by Friday night, the show opened to a small but very enthusiastic crowd.

During tech week, my bosses saw fit to schedule three, count them THREE, afternoon meetings. Two were with district personnel about a big grant we are participating in, and one was called by the college president, hello, you'd better be there, and they will take role! I tried my darndest to get into my accountant to lament the national disaster on the stock market, and finally made it on Friday afternoon. All of this was complicated because I had to throw in alternative routings for each of these meetings and play practice, because of presidential politics! In other words, the meetings and theatre were at the other end from my house and work, with the site of big national political things going on in between! And two nights in a row! Our one actor got caught in the traffic jam when the President came to town, and they shut down all the roads!

This week, besides making more scraps on the floor of my sewing room, I made 2 pair of boxer shorts, one for the "decorator" and one for the lady who runs around half of the play in her sexy nightie. She is like me, I wouldn't want to be on stage for an hour without protection of some cute underwear, so I accomodated her comfort level, and made a cute pair for her. One day I was called into service as an upholsterer, making the "oval bed" more finished by adding upholstery to the base of it. The main male character came to me the night before dress rehearsal, showing me the brand new pants we bought for him to wear with a hole in the side seam AND a broken zipper! Oh, how I hate replacing zippers. Especially when I am so very tired.

But, Thursday night, at about 12:30, all the costumes were finished. We had all gotten about 5 hours of sleep each night, no naps all week in the afternoon (I did not snooze during the meetings, although it was mighty tempting.) By Saturday morning, I was exhausted, and spent at least 6 of the daylight hours snoozing the time away.

So, each night when I returned to the roost at midnight, the last thing that was on my mind was blogging. Sorry, Sew What? I have ignored you, and I will not do that again, I promise!

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MonkeyGirl said...

Now I know why you were MIA this past week! Sounds like a rough week, but think about what you accomplished!