Thursday, October 30, 2008

Grandma Gets Down for the Count

The wonderful thing about being with grandkids is you get to love them, kiss them, spoil them, play with them, snooze with them, deal with their moods (well, maybe that part isn't so wonderful), and most grandparents will say that sending them back to mom and dad is also a wonderful part of grandparenting!

I spend the weekend with my grandkids last weekend, and all those wonderful things happened. The mood part was easy for me to deal with--I HAD MY OWN HOTEL ROOM! The nights in the hotel room next to me weren't so good, with three little kids who all awoke at different times of the night, demanding their parents' care to get through the night. Grandma slept through it all.

The little darlings also brought something with them that they shared with Grandma--the stomach bug! #2 had it Thursday night, #1 had it Saturday morning, and thanks to them Grandma went down for the count on Tuesday afternoon!

Now this wasn't the terrible ravaging kind of thing that makes you think dying is a better option than living through it, but it did make things rather uncomfortable for a few days. I came home from work and a hair appointment thinking it was freezing in the house (NOT-it was 72). Then my tummy went between raving hunger and total rejection of the idea of eating. Then---well, I won't disgust you with the rest of the details.

I was fine, or almost fine the next day, so set about a very long day of work with many things on the agenda. Not lunch, but snacks and easy on the tummy foods. Wednesday night was the first regular feeding in a couple of days. BIG MISTAKE!

Luckily for me, today is a day off from work. I'm lounging around, trying to rid my body of that icky feeling, and staying close to the "necessary" room. Hopefull this will pass soon, because I have a bunch of things to do today.

It isn't usual that this Grandma is down for the count, but I'm certainly not up to my usual vim and vigor. Hopefully it will pass soon. I have costumes to make!

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