Monday, October 6, 2008

Gaston and LeFou

The concurrent play to "Move Over Mrs. Markham" was "Beauty and the Beast", which was put on by a theatre group that I first started my costuming career with.

Beauty and the Beast also went on stage Friday night, and I got to see it on Saturday evening. Gaston was awesome in his tunic, complete with black tights, high boots and a pompador hair do. LeFou was hilarious with pratfalls, blackened teeth and the silliest grin. The costumes looked wonderful on them. With all of LeFou's falls from grace, the costume seemed to hold its own as durable!

The other costumes for this play were absolutely awesome! I think one lady was responsible for many, if not most of them, and they were just fabulous. They give awards each year for various categories of community theatre, and I hope this show is nominated, because they are serious contenders for the top award in costuming.

I did see some retreads from "The Music Man" last year's production. These were costumes I made, but they were just bits and pieces here and there. One character wore his knickers, I think this was his third show in the same knickers! He was my son in Music Man, so I was particularly attuned to what he wore! All the men in this play wore knickers, so there were probably a few more that I made that were prancing around on stage.

Absolutely excellent, you guys really did great!

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