Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tired, oh so tired!

Last night's events with Patternista caused my brain to swirl just like the colors on the fabrics. You see, I watched the tutorial that Jenny did on how to make the stars from a jelly roll strip, and I thought it a bit odd that she showed how to make 3/4 of a star, and left the rest up to our imagination.

She showed the pattern that she was making the quilt from, and I looked it up on the website. It is very cool, and is shown several ways to make the quilt, some were made with the duller, lower contrast colors, and one made with black background and bright batiks.

I thought I could figure out how to make the quilt by just making stars and somehow connecting them together. But in looking carefully at the pattern, it seems that some of the corner squares are shared with several adjoining stars. Whoa, that caused my brain to spin as fast as the spirograph patterns in the fabric! How on earth did they do that? I couldn't turn off the brain cells trying to figure that one out, but finally got to sleep about 1 a.m.

When I have a sewing issue to resolve, I usiually do my best thinking while in bed trying to get to sleep. It makes for a rather restless night when I can't figure out a solution. I know I thought out many of the costume challenges I've had in the past during some late night toss-and-turn sessions. This one was stirring my brain like those dilemmas did in past years and with past projects.

I still haven't quite figured it out, guess I'll have to spring for buying the pattern and getting directions, or I can just connect the blocks in my own way. Until then, I'll have to settle for letting the brain cells swirl on, and hopefully they won't interfere with my afternoon nap, which I desperately need, since I had to get up at 6 for my early morning class. Can't function on 5 hours of broken sleep anymore. Bye! It's naptime for this old gal!

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