Monday, February 6, 2012

Annie, Part III

In the story, Oliver Warbucks, the BILLIONAIRE, has a full wait staff ready to fulfill his every wish and whim. The waitstaff of men and women looked crisp and ready to do Oliver's bidding in their sharp uniforms. The women's costumes were recycled in part from last year's show, "The Producers", where I made 15 old lady outfits out of sheets I found at the local Old Time Pottery store. I had left overs, and had enough to make matching blouses to the skirts, we put an apron and a ruffled cap on them, and voila, female servants were dressed. The men were dressed in formal attire, thanks to the generosity of a local tuxedo shop!
Miss Hannigan, the overseer in the orphanage, and her sleazy brother Rooster dance with his girlfriend Lily, and sing "Easy Street", their dream of striking it rich by tapping into Oliver Warbucks' generosity. A ruse, of course, which in the end, turns back on them and lands them in jail! Lily's dress was fun to make, a Vogue pattern, sleazed up by picking the loudest fabric in the fabric store! The director was pleased with this costume! Very pleased!
The beautiful Boylen Sisters and Bert Healy, part of the radio show cast that Annie sings on and requests that anyone who might be her parents to please contact Oliver Warbucks. That brings the golddiggers out of the cesspools of society in NYC, and proves that they are all after Warbucks' money, INCLUDING HANNIGAN, ROOSTER AND LILY! The dresses were made from a vintage Butterick pattern, and the little hats were thrown together during tech week, but they turned out very darling! Blondes do have more fun, so they say. Bert Healy's suit was a plaid sportwear, he loved it, along with his little vintage skimmer hat.

This was a fun show to costume, there are so many more scenes that I could share, but these were the ones where the costumes were built by me. We bought a lot of old coats and cleaned out a lot of closets to costume many of the scenes. Do you know how hard it is to find a wool coat at a thrift store in July? Not an easy task!

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