Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Busy Weekend

Aliens for boys, and cute caterpillars, dragonflies and butterflies for girls! And my weekend of jelly roll race quilting is complete, and I finished 2 kids quilts in one weekend! (Oh, I had a three day weekend!)
Here's the aliens, ready to land on some lucky little boys' bed!
The quilt and matching pillowcase were so much fun to do! I had made this one out of yardage, because I didn't have a jelly roll with these little space men on it. But I did have yardage planned for an alien-themed quilt, but wasn't sure of what pattern for the quilt I would use. I'm so happy with this design, because it is so colorful and cute!
The little girl can have her "Bug themed quilt".
This one is so pretty and colorful, this was the first one I made and was so surprised at how cute it turned out to be. Since it has a lot of pink into it, it really works well for a girl.

I learned how to make the jelly roll race quilt from watching some YouTube videos of various quilt clubs that actually had races with their members making the quilts during a quilting bee. One lady actually finished sewing her quilt top in 35 minutes! It took me about 90 minutes to sew my quilt top, about 2-3 hours to quilt and bind them. Since I have a wonderful cutting mat called an Altos Quilt Cut 2, with attached rulers, the cutting of the strips for the alien quilt didn't really take that long. I cut the strips, sewed them together and made the quilt top from 7-10::30 Saturday morning. Then I sewed the backing, made the sandwich Sunday morning and got to quilt it and bind it Sunday evening. I'm now posting my results, I feel like this was a really good weekend of quilting. Plus I got to see 2 shows this weekend, so it was a full weekend, but fruitful!

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