Monday, February 6, 2012

Annie Part II

Oliver Warbucks is invited to the White House to talk with President Franklin Roosevelt about what to do about the Depression. He brings Annie with him to meet the President. She gets all the sad cabinet members singing and harmonizing in a rousing rendition of "Tomorrow"! Annie's little blue sailor dress was made from a vintage pattern, cost me $30, but it turned out soooooo cute!

Getting ready for the Christmas celebration at Warbucks mansion, Oliver tells the wait staff to "gussie her up!" She was gussied up in a thrift store find I bought for $3.75! I lucked out and was shopping on half price day! It fit her perfectly, and she sure did look gussied up!

Finally, as Oliver and Grace become a couple, and Oliver decides he wants to adopt Annie, she is dressed in her famous red dress--this one velveteen and lace, truly a little BILLIONAIRE'S daughter!

Annie makes her journey from rags to riches, and spreading her love all the way. Grace Robertson played Annie, with charm, and grace befitting her name. She was nominated for an ARTS FOR LIFE Best Performance Award, along with two of her fellow orphans in the best juvenile performer in an adult musical.

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