Saturday, January 16, 2010

Work trumps Leisure!

Darn, I hate when this happens!

Work has trumped my leisure time activity of gathering and building costumes for the play that starts in 6 days.

I must say that I haven't been completely idle when it comes to the costuming gig, it is just that no significant progress has been made since Monday.

Monday--got up early to make the lion head. Left work on time, came home to finish it, and took my previous week's worth of gathered and built stuff to rehearsal to try on the actors and get direction from the director. THIS DAY WAS PRODUCTIVE!

Tuesday--Work was very busy. Met with teachers, interviewed 8 potential students. Spent a good 6 hours at work. That night, I brought a cut-away coat to play practice for very tall man to try on--it was too short. Wanted to try on a muslin for an actress, she was home sick. NOT MUCH PROGRESS THIS DAY, EXCEPT TO GO TO PLAN B OR PLAN C for the coat.

Wednesday--family funeral WAYYYY down south in a community about 35 miles from my house. Contacted my favorite costume rental shop to find a longer cut-away coat. I didn't hear if they had one, a problem because I was very close to their warehouse when I was attending the funeral. On my way home, at least I went to another thrift store to look for more stuff, and found a few things, nothing earth-shaking. Did not go to rehearsal that night because I didn't know if the actress was going to be there. Ended up snoozing the evening away because I had a massive headache! SOME PROGRESS FINDING POSSIBLE PLAN B OR PLAN C GARMENTS FOR OTHER CHARACTERS.

Thursday--work begins to really trump costuming! Had to deal with lots of stuff, orienting teachers, changing class sections, waiting for decisions to see if some classes would be cancelled. Then had to go to a meeting of colleagues at the WAYYY down south campus. Heard from the costume shop, yes they did have a cut-away that could work. Good thing, because that shop is on the same road as the college where my meeting was. Came home at 4:45--went to choir practice at 7, then play practice at 8:30. They were doing something odd, saying all the lines in the dark theatre. My tall man wasn't there, and the director didn't want me to rent a coat--great! All that travel for nothing. Tried on the bodice for the actress, and know what to do with that, must make more adjustments on that. A COUPLE OF STEPS BACKWARD, AND MAYBE ONE INCH FORWARD!

Friday--NOT ONE COSTUME ISSUE SOLVED TODAY! I had arranged to have a tall wooden fence built in my daughter's back yard to keep the dogs in and the riff-raff out. That started at 8, then to work to plug away for 7 hours on writing syllabi, preparing schedules, copying handouts for my two classes that start Tuesday morning at 8 a.m. Left work at 3:15 to see the completed fence, which is lovely, and to pay my bill to them. Came home and waited for friends to meet me for dinner and a free show. NO PROGRESS TODAY.

SO, TIME IS PASSING, AND THE COSTUMES ARE STILL NOT FINISHED! I hope that this weekend will be productive and I get done what I need to get done.

My biggest issue right now, getting myself out of the computer chair and down to the sewing room! Wish me luck! COME ON GIRL, YOU NEED TO GET IT IN GEAR!

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