Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hope Springs Eternal

It has been icky, dreary, cold, windy, downright blustery and sometimes spitting snow at us for the past week. If you see the sun, better run outside quick, because you won't be seeing it for long.

So, the only thing for me that can make this kind of icky weather bearable is if it gets downright serious about snowfall, and GIVES US A SNOWDAY! Hope springs eternal, everytime I see it start to snow!

The last round of snow causing schools to close happened during the first week of January, when I wasn't in school yet for the spring semester. So, while it was a snow day for some, it was just an ordinary "ignore it and it might go away" snowy day for me.

Today, a snowstorm snuck up on us. It was dreary as usual. Clouds loomed low in the sky. I remember thinking for a fleeting moment, "those look like snow clouds, but the weatherman said it would not come here." So I went home and took a little nap. I was awakened at 3 with the weatherman on TV quickly backpeddling from his former erroneous forecast to tell us all it was snowing, and when I looked outside, he wasn't kidding! It was coming down heavy and fast, very thick big snowflakes!

Today was my day to pick up the grandkids from school and babysit until mom got off work. With the snow coming down as heavy as it was coming then, I immediately pushed the panic button, envisioned snow shoeing over hill and dale to get them at 4:30, so I sprung into action to arrange to pick them up early. I looked out, and the darn snow had stopped. I got in my car anyway, and by then, the snow was heavy again. Then I drove down the street, and it had turned to rain.

So, hope had sprung eternal for a big snow storm, and a SNOW DAY tomorrow. But the fickle weather is not going to cooperate. The moon was trying to beam through the clouds as we loaded up the grandkids for home, and the snow that did fall is all but gone.

Maybe next time--I hope to get a real snow day some time this winter!

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