Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Milkman Cometh

The Iceman came first, now......

Thisby is one of the mechanicals in Midsummer Night's Dream. The mechanicals are people who are planning to put on a play for Hippolyta and Thesius's wedding celebration. The personna of Thisby is lily-white, pure of heart, so hence......


Now this is a costume that would be hard to find at a thrift store! Quality Dairy, one of two big dairies that used to deliver in St. Louis, has been gone for over 30 years! I used Quality Dairy to deliver my milk, and it was quite convenient when I had little kids and no car! I was devastated when it went out of business! I found an artifact on eBay with the Quality Dairy logo, and tried to recreate it as closely as I could with my embroidery machine.

So here is Thisby's lily-white costume that I just built. I made the hat using a circa early 1900's Simplicity pattern, 2581, which has a man's and woman's duster coat and hat, made for riding in an open car. It was a challenge to get the crown to sit correctly, took a couple of rip outs and resews to get it right. I sure hope it fits! I think it looks pretty good. The coat was a jacket pattern that I had and the pants are a boxer pattern made long.

Thisby makes a change during the show as a mechanical during the play within the play. In that segment, he portrays the part of a woman, so he will have a costume change, one that might prove to be very hilarious! That personna will be Dorothy of Oz fame--my partner is making that dress. Can't wait to see it!

I've been doing quite a bit of shopping of sales and thrift stores to find the other costume elements. I have a lot in the collection right now, I need to share what I've pulled together with the director and actors on Monday. Then I'll know where to go from here.

P.S., I found my royal blue jacket for Oberon yesterday in an obscure little store in a semi-closed-down mall. But this is a brand new store full of promise and full of merchandise, and the prices are right! I have to check with the director on whether he still wants to go this direction, then pick it up Tuesday.

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