Friday, January 8, 2010

Time flies when you are having....snow?????

I don't know where the first full week of January went. In one way, I'm glad it went fast, because January has always been my least favorite month of the year. Why? Need you ask? It is cold, nasty, windy, snowy, dreary, and as a teacher, the end of the school year is a lo-o-o-o-ng way off. My dear mother got sick and died this month, my dear father-in-law got sick and died in early February, my father died in March, so these months hold sad memories for me. Besides that, the Christmas bills make the budget tight, and my school doesn't pay the first paycheck of the spring semester till mid--February. I could go on and on, you get the gist of why I hate this month.

But I digress. The time this week went fast, and I'm not sure what exactly I accomplished. I was hoping to have most of the costumes for Midsummer Night's Dream collected or constructed, but that is not the case. I did get the Christmas stuff put away, at least the inside stuff. The outside stuff is frozen solidly to the ground, so that will have to wait for the January thaw. I rescued the "Holy Family" and brought it inside to the dining room where it waits to be put away in the garage.

Yesterday was spent coccooning because of frigid snowy, blizzardy conditions outside. It was a snowday! That's what you do on a snowday! I did manage to snowblow the driveway, walk and porch. Today, you can hardly tell I touched the walk and porch, because the wind blew all the snow off the roof on to the walk and porch. Oh well, let it be white. It continues to blow snow outside, interspersed with snow flurries and snow squalls to add to the whiteness. I think today is another day to coccoon.

But I must get to sewing something today. I have a lot of projects to complete, and need to get started on them. Here's what is on the sewing table: Milkman's outfit, pants, jacket and hat; Queen of the Amazon's sheath dress; lion's head; donkey's head; fitting muslin for a different top for Titania, Queen of the fairies; bus driver's hat. If I can get that done, we are much closer to being done. I have a lot of stuff lined up for my actors and actresses, much untried at this time, but at least we're closer than we were last Friday.

Wish me luck, and hopefully I will sew January, 2010 into oblivion!

P.S. while working on this stuff this week, I got two requests for 2 more outfits for other theatre people--that will have to wait til this show is over! Just one outfit for each request, but it will still have to wait.

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