Sunday, June 28, 2009

Evolve Disolve

I had my new Evolve exactly one week. It sewed very nicely. The lure of the exotic stitches it would do got to me on Friday night, after a day of sewing peasant blouses for the play. I needed to play!

In the play Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, the coat is the main object of affection throughout the whole show. It starts off as a gift from father to favorite son. It causes green hideous envy among the brothers, who rip it off their brother and sell him into slavery. Joseph finally emerges at the end of the play, victorious, loved by all, and resplendent in the coat of many colors.

This is why I wanted to costume this play, just so I could make the coat! So, I was working on it Friday night, making the sleeves of many colors. The cover stitch that the Evolve does worked perfectly. I bought some very pricey multicolored serger thread, and sewed lines of rainbow colors across the sleeve parts, which are made of three colors and patches of contrasting colors. The sleeves were working out very well, and looked good.

On my second sleeve, the Evolve disolved!

It just wouldn't move. Something was causing the mechanism to just lock up, and nothing moved. I panicked! I have only about 30 days to go on my costuming, about 100 pieces to sew, and my new serger won't move!

So, I tried to remain cool, glancing at the forlorn 17 year old Eclipse sitting on the table for the helper. Well, I guess I could use that one.

Took the broken Evolve back to the dealer the next day, and they very nicely offered to let me have a loaner while mine went to the shop. The saleslady was very meticulous in off-loading all my tools out of the tool bin in my Evolve, and also doing the same with the loaner.

Here lies the rub. The needles go in the Evolve using a very specific set screw, with a very specific allen wrench provided to tighten the screw. The saleslady was so careful to get that out of my machine. However, she was also very careful to FORGET TO GIVE IT TO ME! So I got home with a loaner machine which has no needles and no way to put them in.

Thank heaven for that old machine. I sewed 10 peasant skirts today, and it worked great. Maybe even better than the Evolve.

It is forlorn no more! Saved the day. Sews great after its tune up 2 months ago? Why did I bother buying a new machine?
Relegated to the floor, no place of honor for this piece of useless junk!

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