Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cush Ball Crush


If you've seen my "signature" logo, a sewing machine with a little laughing cush ball peeking out from the center of it, you know I love these fun toys. I have quite a collection. They are fun to play with, throw and catch, I even have some with legs and arms! These are my big cush balls, the ones the grandkids like to play with.

My Little Miss M loves them, but thinks they are balloons. She can make them bulge out and she can make funny shapes with them. However, unlike balloons, cush balls cost $5-8 each, and once they are popped, that's money down the toilet.

In their pancake stage, they still do have play value. You can stretch them over your head and make a wig, or pull them up to your chin to make a beard. You can use them as a club to beat up your sibling. You can still throw and catch with them, but it's not quite the same as when they are filled by air. And you can pluck out their little appendages, as someone did at my house last week, because I found a little pile of purple rubber pieces in one corner of my room.

The yellow ball met its demise when placed in a closed container with its two fellow cush balls, and then the weight of two preschoolers was applied to the top of the container. Mr. Yellow couldn't stand up under the burden, and gave up his air for the sake of his brothers. Purple Ball found the end of a long piece of Lego applied to its bulging skin, and like all good balloons, popped nicely under the assault.

So, now we only have Orange Crush left as a regular cush ball. I'm an old lady, but I'm guarding my last precious cush ball very carefully, just like I did when I was a kid. I prefer them full of air, not flat as a pancake. And I hope Little Miss M gets the idea that Grandma likes them better that way. DON'T POP MY CUSH BALLS!

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