Monday, September 15, 2008

With a Whip and a Chair

Harold Hill in "The Music Man" disclaiming to the Pick-A-Little ladies of River City, IA. what TROUBLE there is with "POOL". Costumes by SewWhat?, Hats by JI.

To get into the high costuming mode, it takes mental fortitude and a whip and a chair to beat me down the steps to the sewing room. I know I will begin a long tiring road of creating, and today is the day to start. It's 7:34 at night, and I've put it off long enough. The creative part is so fun, the tiring part is not.

I am working on costumes for 2 shows. They both start Oct. 1. I am helping make a few things for a large musical, then costuming a small cast comedy. We have many of the costumes for the comedy, but will need a few more things, some I will make. The things for the musical should be finished this week.

The bad thing about the musical commitment is that I was given the task to make two men's outfits exactly one week ago! That's not much time to finish a man's suit and a vest/wesket for the leading man. I'm sort of angry about the timeframe, especially since my time at work and with babysitting commitments have taken up more time this past week than they usually do. And I was asked to do this over a month ago, but the delay in getting the project started is difficult to work around. In my defense, I have completed one part of one costume, and cut out the second one. So tonight's costuming gig won't be a long one. Then I'll just have 3 more pieces to make for this show.

Tomorrow night I am going to see the local small professional theatre group's rendition of "The Music Man". Tickets are hard to come by and this is only the second week of 5 for this show. Since my first big costuming gig of a big musical was "The Music Man" last fall, I am anxious to see how the pros do it. We had the help of this local group's milliner to help us make our Pick-A-Little Ladies' hats. I'm curious to see if any of those he created for us ended up on a professional Pick-A-Little Lady's head. Every hat he created was truly a work of art, and he disclaimed them as "not his finest work"--could have fooled me! What do you think? Aren't those hats fabulous?

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MonkeyGirl said...

Ok, now you have the "trouble" song stuck in my head. I was in a meeting today and someone starting talking about trouble and I almost broke out into song!