Monday, September 22, 2008

What the well dressed hunk will wear

Gaston and LeFou's costumes for Beauty and the Beast

Well, I'm finished! The hunks in Beauty and the Beast will look fabulous in their costumes! I beat myself for the past week into submission to stay at the sewing machine and scissors, trying to not make mistakes, then trying to correct the mistakes I did make. See those bars on LeFou's jacket? Well my first attempt at matching up both sides must have been done under the influence of something toxic, because they were 1" off from each other. I was so mad at myself for making that mistake, and it took until 11 p.m. one night to fix it. But now the job is finished! Hooray! I'm fairly pleased with the outcome, hopefully the costume designer and director will be pleased also. I'm anxious to see the play, which will start Oct. 3.

Break a leg, cast of Beauty and the Beast!
P.S. The Music Man in that last post will play the role of LeFou in Beauty and the Beast. He's a multi-talented guy!

Next costuming gig, making late 60's outfits for Move over Mrs. Markham. Now that's going to be a blast! I'll post the results of that gig once I finish.

Both plays are on the same weekends, but at different theatres, I'll have to bi-locate to see both.

Break a leg, cast of Move Over, Mrs. Markham.


MonkeyGirl said...

Awesome job - as usual you have once again outdone yourself!

sewwhat? said...

I took them over to the main costumer and she was very pleased! Now I can only hope they fit OK. I got started on my own costumes last night, a wrap dress took only 1 newscast to finish! Let's use that pattern again!