Monday, September 15, 2008

Mania Momma

MonkeyMomma, aka SewWhat? has gone nuts again at the bead show. With an entire huge convention floor full of beads and beading paraphernalia, a true beader could just go crazy. The biggest problem is the fact that beaders also need to eat the rest of the month. I've decided that hot dogs will suit me find, as long as I'm wearing bling while eating them!

I've been to this gem show in the past. My own mother introduced me to the beading frenzy many years ago, perhaps about 20 years ago. I couldn't imagine what a person could do with those strings of beads, the likes of which must number in the hundreds of thousands if you counted each collective booth's wares. They all seem to have something similar, so searching for just the right thing is a labor of love. However, price certainly motivates a beader to consider an odd shade, a cute shape, or a certain wierd color combination. The "Buy 25 for $20" pile certainly entertained MonkeyGirl and myself for a few minutes. You can see her pile on, but that was only her one day's collection. She went back to the show the next day and found some more bargains.

I have a dear friend who I worked with many years ago. We worked together in a school, she was the secretary and I was the "Instructional Specialist" (aka, lunch room monitor!) We renewed our friendship about 5 years ago when my daughter (M & M's Mom) moved down the street from her. She is such a wonderful friend, and she KNOWS EVERYBODY in this community. I can never go anywhere with her that someone doesn't start up a conversation with her. She has touched so many lives in her years as a school secretary. Anyway, I've gifted her with several of my creations that I've made beading. (Also sold her a few things, too!) She has a lot of groups of friends that she gets together with every week. One week, she wore one of the creations that I made for her, and one of the friends asked if I could make the same thing for her. So, the crazy beader that I am, I made 5 pair. The rest of the ladies in the group scooped them up, and put in orders for more. So last night, I made 29 pairs of pretty gold and crystal earrings, hopefully to please the ladies in my friend's group.

I'm definitely going to have fun with my new purchases. Some are waiting for inspiration, others just are waiting for my time to be free to create. There shall never be an excuse for a bare ear, neckline or arm in this house! We all like bling, and our creative juices flow enough to make us say, "I can do that myself!"

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NV said...

Now that's pretty cool. Glad you got to finally make the show although you missed the mini-BlogHer convention. :-)