Monday, March 12, 2012

I had Sushi for lunch!

After a morning at the sewing machine, trying to get my Patternista Star quilt further along to the finish line, I quit about 11, having had enough for the morning. I was starving, my peanut-butter banana had long since worn off.

My mailman usually comes to deliver the mail some time before noon. It was just about noon, I was ready to go out for some lunch and a round trip through the fabric stores (more on that later!), when he drove up, carrying boxes from MISSOURI STAR QUILT COMPANY! I had lost my resolve to not purchase more fabric from them until I was done with other projects. OK, I was nearly finished with one project. So their Sushi Rolls of batiks were more than I could stand. (Deal of the Day on Friday?) Where could you stop, which one would you not purchase? I'm not a real fan of tans and browns, so I didn't order that one. I had 5 ordered, and it came to 99.75--so the free shipping if you are over $100 made me buy one more.

So, here was my lunch for today!

I love batiks, I could make every quilt out of them and be happy. I love the variety of patterns, the colors, the yumminess of the mixture of colors. So, I guess I went a little hog wild, and ordered these 6 rolls. They all go together, I can mix and match and use them in a variety of quilts that I have "on my bucket list". It should be fun to create with these beautiful fabrics.

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