Tuesday, March 13, 2012

For all you cat loving quilters out there

To quote Jenny Doan, our fearless leader--"How Cute Is this?"

I think I saw this on someone's album, so I know it isn't anything that hasn't been tried by this group, but I just found it again. I had seen it with the tails not quite so intertwined, or tessalated, as the mathematicians call it. Or, I've seen it with just two cats together, not four. In the original design, which is called "Kool Kats Kwilt" by Patti Carey for Northcott, she has about 30 cats intertwined on a lap quilt.

Like a cheap fool, I tried to figure out how to do this by looking at someone's picture and not buying a pattern. You think I would have learned my lesson after the "Stars Aligned" and realized that I would never be able to calculate those sizes by myself. I finally got the concept and had it drawn out correctly. But figuring out the size of each triangle and square was going to be my undoing. So--GOOGLE is our friend, and I looked for it on the internet and found it. In Patti's design, the groups of cats nestle in the corners where there is plain black on my picture. After my experience intertwining the stars on the last queen size quilt, believe me, if I continue this, I'll make a lap quilt. After all, it will be for the cat as he lounges in my lap for our afternoon naps! And the pattern is free!

What do you think--how cute is this?

I did a terrible job of measuring on my first try--my cats aren't as wide as they are supposed to be. Guess my eyes are wearing out from all the measuring and 1/4" seaming I've been doing the past 4 days. But the cats work and I can make them work if I want to carry on with this same theme and fabric..

The directions are in PDF format online, you can download them from her website...0

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