Sunday, March 18, 2012

Driven by Love

Have you ever started a project that you were driven to complete? I have, and this one really made me want to finish. It was driven by love--

---Love of quilting
---Love of fabric shopping
---Love of creating something beautiful out of raw materials
---Love of my dear late husband, who left us all and went to heaven about 6 years ago.

This is my Dogwood Trails quilt, created with love in my heart and remembrances of 42 years of married life to a man who loved nature, his job, working with wood, and his family. He also loved dogwood trees. So, as I said in an earlier post, when I saw this fabric, I just knew I needed to make something out of it.

It uses the heart block and Disappearing 9 patch patterns as borders for the main heart. I barely made it with the amount of backing I found, so perfect with rose petals with tiny sayings of love on them. I was short a bit, and had an uh-oh moment, one corner of the backing was too short, but I patched it and it is OK. This quilt isn't for a quilt show, it is for ME! And I don't care about that little mistake!

Mr. Kitty, Al, had to investigate the quilt, he did it within his usual 3 minute period of letting me take some pictures. He sniffed it and then jumped down, but I'll bet I catch him cat-napping on it more than once!

This is the pattern I used for the main heart in the center. I could have done 4 hearts, which was what the pattern suggested for a queen size quilt. But I wanted the heart to be in the center, and I wanted to use my charm packs for the D9P blocks, so I chose to do the single heart, with many borders around it.

I was driven by love to finish this quilt this weekend because this is the last day of my spring break, and I have lots of other things that need work in the sewing room in the next few weeks. I wanted to be able to use this quilt on my bed by April 4, which was our anniversary. I couldn't sleep much this week, I would drop into bed wearly from working on it late at night, then wake up uber early in the morning thinking about the next steps. Rather than fight to get back to sleep, I just went downstairs and worked on it. I started at 4:30 this morning, and finished it at 9, including pillowcses. I need some more fabric for some king size pillowcases for my real bed, this is the guest room bed, where all my quilts are previewed for size and shape.

I still need to clip some threads, but other than that and the big pillowcases, it is a done deal!

I do love this quilt, I love it so much that it might not just be the quilt of the month for April, but the quilt for all times! I am very happy with the results.

Some minor boo-boos, see if you quilters can find them. I'll reveal a major boo boo in another post!

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